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Blue Haven Resort Wedding

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We closed the month of March  with this gorgeous wedding at Blue Haven Resort. A welcoming party for all the guests with a beach bbq and a bonfire the night before the wedding, accompanied by the Caribbean tropical sound of steel drums on the beach.

A wedding with many details and colors in front of the turquoise waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  In lieu of wedding favors, the wedding couple Scott and Tracy donated on their wedding day to our location animal welfare organization the TCSPCA. This organization is very close to their heart. They have helped the TCSPCA with transporting dogs to owners for adoption in the US.

Scot and Traci got married in the beautiful Blue Haven Resort here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. A close friend of theirs performed the ceremony on the beach with lots of personal notes for the bride and groom. After the ceremony we took Scot and Traci to the private beach of Leeward for some more photos with the two of them. Coming back to Blue Haven in time to start the party. Scot and Traci congratulations on your wedding day.

Many thanks to: Wedding planner Teresa Brunner from Tropical DMC. Location: Blue Haven. Flowers by Environmental Arts. DJ: William John

For more information about our weddings visit our site: Brilliant Studios Photographers

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