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Turks and Caicos trash the wedding dress

A couple of days after we photographed the wedding of Nikki and Peter at the beautiful private villas of Grace Bay Club on Grace Bay beach, it was time to ‘trash the wedding dress’. This is one of our favorite photo shoots to do here in the Turks & Caicos because we both love to be under water taking photos.

For the first part of the shoot we wanted to capture the turquoise colors of our beautiful waters.  We chose the Leeward end of Grace Bay beach; the perfect location for color and seclusion plus as this was a morning session, the colors were even brighter and more vibrant.  The water was a little rough that morning but it actually helped us to create some very cool images. It was a good job Nikki and Peter weren’t afraid of getting hit by the waves 🙂

As we needed calmer waters for the second part of the session we decided to take a short drive to the other side of the islands. Long Bay beach was the perfect spot as the ocean was flat calm with crystal clear water.  Nikki and Peter had a blast getting into the water with their clothes on and after doing some split shots (half underwater, half above water) it was time to go fully underwater 🙂 A difficult task because Nikki’s dress and Peter’s jacket were very buoyant, making it impossible to stay under the water for longer than three seconds but three seconds was all that was needed to capture one good picture!

After a few more images and lots of laughs it was time to end the session and get back to the Grace Bay Club. Here are a few images from their Turks & Caicos ‘trash the wedding dress’….

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