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School photos Provo Primary 2010

You can see photos from this school, I would think for at least the last 6 years on our blog. So yes… besides our weddings, portraits and commercial shoots we go to this cute school every year to have some fun. David, Kellie and myself are kind of the private Provo Primary photographers. I don’t really know why we got this title, maybe because we do a good job 🙂 or… have to be a little nuts with that many kids. We try and come up with something different each year so this year we had the kids pull funny faces and guess what? they were right into that. While waiting for the other kids to have their photos taken you could see they were so practicing their funny faces. Read More »School photos Provo Primary 2010

Shooting my own kids!!

Well it’s that time of year again when the Christmas card has to be done and to be honest I don’t take enough pictures of my own kids anyway…so yesterday off to a local spot we know to do a quick shoot before lunch…

Problem is – working with your own kids  -they know me – my old tricks don’t work on them anymore – or do they??

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