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A whole new experience, Halloween underwater

Last Thursday we took Halloween photos, as we do every year, at Provo Primary School here in the Turks and Caicos. We asked some of the kids if they wanted to celebrate Halloween one more time but this time underwater. They loved the idea of being underwater models.
This afternoon we set up some lights, got a backdrop and took the kids in the pool. It was very strange for them to go in the pool with their Halloween costumes being submerged. The costumes are definitely not made for a Halloween party underwater and it was funny to see that hats are floating, dresses come up and treading water is a tiring exercise. Not to mention how hard it is to stay underwater and pose for the camera. Our models did a fantastic job and when they had a break they were enjoying Kristin’s homemade cookies. Life of a model is hard.  We even learned something new….pumpkins float!  What is going to be next, we can’t wait to come up with some other cool ideas for photo shoots and we have some in the planning. Would Santa go underwater, we know he can fly….but can he swim and will he be floating or not.
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