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Blue Haven Resort “Flash Mob”

It’s a small island and this weekend with the official opening of the “Blue Haven Resort” most of my team were at one point or another at the festivities with family, enjoying the activities. On Sunday alone, Craig, Chanelle,  Kellie and Anita were scouting out the arts and craft show…(more to come on that). One activity that was unusual for the island was a “flash mob”. Having seen the dancers preparing for this during rehearsals – I can tell you they worked really hard to pull this all together and then to do the performance on sand!!!  Well that was a serious workout.  We managed to capture it and thought it would be a fun thing to share…enjoy what I think is Turks and Caicos’s first flash mob??Read More »Blue Haven Resort “Flash Mob”

Castaway Picnic – perfect for your Parrot Cay Wedding

Nolie, the Hotel manager and I were chatting at a recent Parrot Cay wedding about a new service they are offering –  a  castaway picnic – Parrot Cay style. I always love it when I hear about new experiences and activities that hotels are thinking up. It’s so creative and fun ! But this is Parrot Cay,so I knew this wasn’t going to be a cooler with some sandwiches and a 6 pack…when you entertain movie stars and billionaires and have a whole private island to play with, its was going to be something special. Could I take some pictures…yes!

Read More »Castaway Picnic – perfect for your Parrot Cay Wedding

We are ok!

Thank you for all the lovely messages concerning hurricane Irene. We are now back to normal! Also the virus problem has been resolved and we… Read More »We are ok!