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Go team NILA!!!!

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A site visit to check out your resort is the perfect time to do engagement photos and we’ve had several couples planning weddings for 2015 that have come down to visit us. I think it’s by far the best investment that any couple can make (if budgets permit) to have a visit to size up and get feel for how things will flow during their wedding weekend. Amy is a photographer herself, so that always raising the bar on our shoots, but as a relaxed, fun loving couple they really just wanted a few nice moments rather than anything formal and see what happened!


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So the wedding next year will be arranged by NILA Destinations’ Luise. She met  with them, chatted and has everything planned. For the shoot we decided to go to a more secluded beach and who should be on that very beach but Mary from NILA with her son and friends. A simple “hi and congratulations” would have been fine, but in blur Mary was offering up champagne, glasses and toasting and celebrating the happy couple!!  If only we have planned this !!!! #fabulous

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