A baby and Engagement beach escape !

Jayne, Alex, Gina and Carlo all love to travel together. With a new toddler/ baby in the mix and now also Jayne and Alex getting engaged, abeach escape photo shoot was a great way to catch some “first steps” and engagement pictures. So with a couple of cocktails in hand we headed off for our classic beach escape. With the trade winds blowing we found a couple of sheltered spots before going to some of our fav locations and then ending up at Sapodilla Bay for a classic sunset setting almost right over the water. It’s also a lot less windy on the south-side of the island – so that helped a lot with hair ! It was quite a challenge to switch from engagement mode to baby mode back and forth and I was concerned that I might loose any rapport built up…but we kept things loose and easy going and managed to capture some great moments and pictures.  Be sure to checkout the last sunset shot – WOW!!

turks and caicos__2828

look at those eyes …;-)turks and caicos__2829 turks and caicos__2830 turks and caicos__2831 turks and caicos__2832 turks and caicos__2833 turks and caicos__2834 turks and caicos__2835 turks and caicos__2836 turks and caicos__2837 turks and caicos__2838 turks and caicos__2839 turks and caicos__2840 turks and caicos__2841 turks and caicos__2842 turks and caicos__2843 turks and caicos__2844

Love these…beach escape turks and caicos__2846 turks and caicos__2847 turks and caicos__2848 turks and caicos__2849 beach escape turks and caicos__2851 beach escape