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An island farewell.

Turks and caicos 3052

One of the harder parts of “island life” is the constant flow of people on and off the island. Hotel contracts, projects all start and then end. “Mr Toby” and “Miss Hellen” have been a fabulous teachers at Provo Primary for several years now and have both been mainstays of island life. They are now heading back to the UK with a promotion (Head Teacher for Toby) and new challenges for sure, but it was great to be asked by the school to help them capture a few last minute beach family moments before they left. Being asked to do these kinds of shoots is rewarding to us in its own right, but helping this lovely family was always going to be fun. Owen started off a little grumpy and not so sure of the beach and sand, but within a few minutes was chasing dogs down the beach, building rock towers and having a ball on dad’s shoulders. The island is lesser place for their leaving, but we wish them all the very best back in the cold and soon to be chilly north 😉 I am sure they will be back to visit !

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