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Baby on the beach!

Turks and caicos 1015

It’s always a very special time when we have returning clients visit us in Turks and Caicos. Last week  Christine and Ruben brought their lovely new baby Ava for a “baby on the beach” photo shoot. We helped Christine and Ruben with their wedding celebration a couple of years ago and now they were back with a new addition! Such fun.

The Sands Resort was a perfect location with its walkways, palm trees and adjacent to the resort is a huge empty beach which was ideal for setting down a beach blanket and letting Ava do her thing. “Baby on the beach” photo shoots are ideal for little ones as the sand is so soft its perfect for digging holes, making “cushions” and supporting babies that are not yet quite sitting up on their own.  Christine an Ruben were awesome, wonderful parents and Ava was a “natural” for the whole shoot….fab !


A quick “throw back” to the wedding shoot …;-)

Turks and caicos__1020

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