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The four brothers

This was one of the most entertaining  photo shoots I have done in a while and It was great fun to see these kids running and playing with each other on the beach.

On March 22 I met with Tracy and her husband Stuart and their four boys Walter, John, Harry and last but not least Michael at the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos. The plan was to get some good images with all the boys all together and some candids with them playing around Grace Bay beach.

After spending sometime on the gardens and around the beach dunes we moved to the beach where the real fun started.

Here are some images to prove it…

The boys together

Harry was a very happy kid to photograph

Michael looked like a very quiet boy but it was only in the first part 😉

John wasn’t very happy at the beginning but he enjoyed it once we got to the beach

Walter was the oldest brother

On this one Michael was showing that he wasn’t such a good boy 😉

To begin with Tracey and Stuart didn’t want to be in any of the photos but before finishing I convinced them to do a group photo.