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Every cloud has a silver lining..

We had a LOT of rain last week. TS Bonnie moved through the Turks and Caicos and Bahamas – well actually it was just a storm as it went by us, but it did make the news in the USA as it headed to the Gulf.

Anyway, we had to postpone the Parent family’s photo shoot by 24hrs to let the weather go by but as a result we were blessed to get some beautiful soft light to work with..

The Gansevoort is a beautiful resort and it’s white walls and lobby are make a great backdrop.

We know teenage boys would rather do anything than be in a photo shoot, but Jake and Carsten soon got into it all..

The girls Emma and Coco were soon playing around as we made our way down to the beach..

Dave and Michele amongst the dunes…..

told you we had great light 😉

I looked over my shoulder to see what the “cool dudes” were doing…

No cheating going on…little competitive are we? fun!

Given the earlier rain, the wind, the clouds, it almost felt like a miracle!   we did it!

Checking each other out, whilst they jump!

The boys join in…

The whole gang!