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family photo shoot – Turks and Caicos style.

Turks and caicos 2664

An easy peasy family photo shoot?  I see it in the faces of parents all the time. The concern, the worry, the anxiousness that after all the preparations, getting ready, choosing outfits, arranging nap times and snacks, once in-front of the camera the little ones will “melt down” and not co-operate….Hand on heart – in the last 20 years I’ve never seen it happen. I cannot remember it happening. Maybe I’ve just “blanked it out ”  😉 As I arrived at Royal West Indies Resort last week the smiling face of Sofia peered back at me through the glass doors of the hotel lobby… CUTE!!  This was going to be fun !
Easy peasy family photo shoot.Turks and caicos__2665 Easy peasy family photo shoot. Turks and caicos__2667


I simply LOVE this….Easy peasy family photo shoot.Turks and caicos__2669 Turks and caicos__2670 Turks and caicos__2674 Turks and caicos__2671Turks and caicos__2672 Turks and caicos__2673 Turks and caicos__2676 Turks and caicos__2677Turks and caicos__2675 Turks and caicos__2678 Turks and caicos__2679 Turks and caicos__2683Turks and caicos__2684 Turks and caicos__2680 Turks and caicos__2681 Turks and caicos__2682