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Fab, fun family pictures in turks and caicos.

Turks and caicos 2750

Creating family pictures in turks and caicos is something I love to do. I love having families that have energy and are happy to run, play, jump, chase, tickle and generally get sandy. My heart drops a little when the khaki and white and manicured hair comes out. Will they even sit in the sand? With Selma and Jules it was full on action and fun as we corralled Eva and Connor. YES!  We started off with replicating a picture that Jules had with his own dad #awesome, then headed to the beach. The water in Turks is so inviting – its like a huge warm bath with clear water and few waves, so no wonder Conner wanted to run head first into the ocean.  I love the smiles, the energy, the distracted looks off camera as this family enjoys everything that they do. Sit still? Why? It’s more interesting over there, let’s go.. If only we could tap into the power source of a 1.5 year old. Tesla would be out of business!
Turks and caicos__2723 Turks and caicos__2724 Turks and caicos__2725 Turks and caicos__2726 Turks and caicos__2727


partners in crime…..Turks and caicos__2728 Turks and caicos__2729 Turks and caicos__2730

OMG everyone is looking at the camera!Turks and caicos__2731

not for long !Turks and caicos__2732 Turks and caicos__2733 Turks and caicos__2734 Turks and caicos__2735 Turks and caicos__2736 Turks and caicos__2737 Turks and caicos__2738 Turks and caicos__2739 Turks and caicos__2740 Turks and caicos__2741 Turks and caicos__2742 Turks and caicos__2743 Turks and caicos__2744 Turks and caicos__2745

love this..Turks and caicos__2746 Turks and caicos__2747 Turks and caicos__2748 Turks and caicos__2749

family beach time…

Family pictures in turks and caicos Turks and caicos__2751 Turks and caicos__2752 Turks and caicos__2753 Family pictures in turks and caicos Turks and caicos__2755 Turks and caicos__2756 Turks and caicos__2757 Family pictures in turks and caicos Turks and caicos__2759