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A family celebration at the Windsong Resort.


The holidays are always a fun and busy time for us at the Studio. Lots of families and lots of photo shoots helping celebrate this special time together. So many families there days are spread all over the USA and the world even, that when the opportunity comes for everyone to be together its a fab opportunity to capture the moment in a fun and low key way. Last week I popped over to the Windsong Resort  to help the Mcfadden family with a short but sweet family photo session. After a few more formal pictures in the resort gardens we headed for the beach and sunset.Perfect.Windsong resort. Turks and caicos__1228 Turks and caicos__1229 Turks and caicos__1230 Windsong resort. Windsong resort. Windsong resort. Windsong resort. Turks and caicos__1235 Turks and caicos__1236 Turks and caicos__1237 Turks and caicos__1238 Turks and caicos__1239 Turks and caicos__1240 Turks and caicos__1241 Turks and caicos__1242 Turks and caicos__1243 Turks and caicos__1244