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Family fun in the sun Turks and Caicos style !

A perfect sunny evening, a vivid blue ocean and hardly a cloud in the sky. Add in three cool kids – Catherine, Anna and Hayden and a couple of kid wranglers (aka parents) and you have all the ingredients of a great time.

With all families we like to start off in the garden area of the resort or villa. we know you REALLY want the beach – but this gives us a few minutes to get to know everyone and get the kids on our side…plus the resorts (The Sands here) do such a great job with the landscaping it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

It didn’t take long to get the laughter going 😉

Hayden was watching his older sisters sit and “pose” and just wanted to do the same thing! A rare moment of stillness !

Whilst I did get the shot of the two sisters together – I like this ” moment too” – perfect for a picture in a hallway….

As we almost made it down to the beach, past a few other guests coming off the beach, Hayden was illuminated by the setting sun – awesome..

DAD !! Can I have one ???

Hehe…he’s having fun !

The girl’s didn’t want to be left out…

but then the attraction of playing in the sand was too much and Hayden was off and running again…but for me this is a great family moment…its not 100% candid as I set the girls up for the previous shot….it’s what we do best – prompted  – we help set up a situation and then let thing evolve and capture that spirit..

After some running on the beach – which is fun for everyone – Anna was happy to do some on her own for a few minutes..

and then Catherine too !

Some family time..

followed by some more activity….phew !!!    (ps I am running too with these shots!!)

“This is MY dad”!

Finally a quick moment for just Lauren and John.!

What a great day !