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Back for more family fun!

Family photo shoot

“As soon as I saw the Feit family walking into the lobby of the Regent Grand is was as if time had stood still.” That was how I started the blog post from last year’s family photo shoot with Jonathan and Beth and the rest of the family and it was true again this year. A little older, but still lots of fun, we made our way through the resort down to the beach.  As is always the way with Turks and Caicos we had some wildlife – a school of pufferfish came by only inches from the shore – wow. We jumped, we ran, we played in sandcastles…just a great way to spend an evening on the beach. Such a real pleasure to see everyone growing up each year and clearly enjoying Turks and Caicos at it’s best. I hope soon we’ll be able to take everyone snorkelling and out on the water for even more fun! Family photo shoot Turks and caicos__0301 Turks and caicos__0302 Turks and caicos__0303 Family photo shoot Turks and caicos__0305 Turks and caicos__0306 Turks and caicos__0307 Family photo shoot Turks and caicos__0309 Turks and caicos__0310 Turks and caicos__0311 Turks and caicos__0312 Turks and caicos__0313 Turks and caicos__0314 Turks and caicos__0315 Turks and caicos__0316 Turks and caicos__0317 Turks and caicos__0318 Turks and caicos__0319 Turks and caicos__0320 Turks and caicos__0321 Turks and caicos__0322 Turks and caicos__0323 Turks and caicos__0324 Turks and caicos__0325 Turks and caicos__0326