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Family Photos on the Beach

Turksandcaicos halloween 396

Taking family photos on the beach is one of my favourite things to do. Last week I took photos of a beautiful family of four at an awesome villa on Grace Bay, Eco Gracebay Villa.  I always forget about these charming, hidden away, little cottages. There are so many places to shoot and each location gives you a different feel to the photo. It really is a great place for family photos and the   Casuarina trees provide beautiful, soft flattering light. The villas are older, giving a rustic look  and cute hammocks are outside to relax in. Of course we then have the gorgeous Grace Bay beach complete with rocks where the beach has eroded and exposed tree roots. Finally adding in  a stunning family to work with too helps a lot 🙂 Cute location, cute kids and a great afternoon – it was a perfect family moment.

Congratulations on your new little bundle. All the best.


Family of 4 on the beach Turksandcaicos_halloween__392 Turksandcaicos_halloween__393 Turksandcaicos_halloween__394 Turksandcaicos_halloween__395 Family photos on the beach_396 Family photos on the beach_397 Family photos on the beach_398 Turksandcaicos_halloween__399 Turksandcaicos_halloween__400 Turksandcaicos_halloween__401 Turksandcaicos_halloween__402 Turksandcaicos_halloween__403