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dual family portraits

Ashley, Eric and their little girl Savanah (love that name!) along with their best friends John, Jennifer and their little man Drew where staying together at The Alexandra Resort here on Provo. They decided to commemorate this holiday with a dual family portrait session.

I love how everyone dressed up and brought in bright pops of color for the shoot. The ladies had their hair & make-up done really well for the photo shoot, which takes it to that next level styling wise. Don’t be scared of color and one solid color such as coral pink or orange like Ashely and Jennifer wore can work really well against our tropical backgrounds here on the island.

The first thing I always look for when we start the shoot up in the gardens is beautiful light. It’s all about finding just the right spot and getting that gorgeous, summery, backlit feel.

Once the sun settles a bit further down we head on down to the beach for the purple, pink, pretty pastels that we love!

Blowing kisses…