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Johnson Family at the Sands Resort

Turks and caicos 4282

Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos is a very small island. It’s hard to go anywhere and not meet people that you know. Tait and Cindy are related to our accountant of 18 years, Jenny – who as any small business owner will attest, helps keep the wheels turning and is one person you really want to keep happy.  They also happen to be related to Lia who works in our studio. In fact Senja (Tait and Cindy’s daughter) was out doing yoga with Lia a couple of days before this shoot.  Connections everywhere!  It also turns out that the two “kids” have know each other since primary school and that is the link between the two families. And then there is grandma Pat, who is also Jenny’s mum and we’ve met before as well on previous trips to Turks and Caicos. OMG! So all in all slight pressure to make this a cool shoot! As it turned out the weather was fairly awful for a couple of days so we had to reschedule the shoot and move a few things around to make it happen before they had to leave. I am glad we did managed to squeeze it all in. Lovely people and a great time at the Sands Resort.

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