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Family vacation at Ocean Club Resorts

Turks and caicos 3105

Helping with a family vacation at Ocean Club Resorts is one of our favorite things to do. The resort itself is quiet, laid back and purposefully promotes itself as a great place to relax and unwind. Old school caribbean rather than breakfast with Elmo and water-slides.  With kids ourselves we understand the attraction of each.. meeting up with the Curry family involved dodging the rain showers as it was literally pouring with rain minutes before we agreed meet up time. Families and brides often ask us about the weather. Well, its hard to predict when it can change so quickly. With rain drops still dripping from branches we were greeted to an amazing blue sky and a fab sunset. After a few formal groups and so on in the garden we headed to the beach for more relaxed, candid moments. Wow, what a great family. Loads of fun. I love the kids running ones but grandpa almost steals the show right at the end with some fun moments..awesome.Turks and caicos__3092 Family vacation at ocean club resorts Turks and caicos__3094 Turks and caicos__3095 Turks and caicos__3096 Turks and caicos__3097 Turks and caicos__3098 Family vacation at ocean club resorts Turks and caicos__3100 Turks and caicos__3101 Turks and caicos__3102 Turks and caicos__3103 Turks and caicos__3104 Family vacation at ocean club resorts Turks and caicos__3106 Turks and caicos__3107 Turks and caicos__3108 Turks and caicos__3109 Turks and caicos__3110 Turks and caicos__3111 Turks and caicos__3112 Turks and caicos__3113