Our Family Vacation.

Melissa and Mike are returning guests of the Turks and Caicos Islands, they love it here. This time they brought a whole bunch of family members with them. No special occasion just celebrating being together with each other and having a great time. We decided together to move this photo session to an early morning one since the original plan of doing it later in the afternoon did not work out because of the weather. All though it is much brighter on the beach at this time of day, we got some great shots with that super blue ocean in the back.

I just talked to Melissa and Mike on the phone, they left about a week ago, but they are thinking about coming back already. And next time we will have a little addition to their family as well. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see how cute your little one is going to be.

I loved Colbie’s hair color, I don’t think she picked the color to match our logo for some reason 🙂

Big buddies, grand pa and grand son.

Owen, too cute in this little jeans outfit.

But nothing beats not wearing anything.

The clothes selection with this backdrop….works for me!

There was really one more little person part of the family vacation. Spoiled for life 🙂