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First beach steps at Villa Renaissance, Turks and Caicos

Turks and caicos 2813

Villa Renaissance  is a resort we use for photo shoots even when guests are not staying there. Its beautiful gardens and quiet location make it a perfect spot to start off any photo shoot. This was a fun shoot. Lots of great colours, parents who didn’t mind getting in the sand and best of all watching their son XXX really take his first steps on the beach. Until the shoot he hadn’t taken to the sand and the waves (quite common). He was great around the resort, but that sandy stuff..not so sure. But during the shoot, we sat him in the sand, played around, did some swinging, jumping and general fun. By the end he didn’t want to leave…..Check out the last picture in this post…well after sunset and he’s still going, running AWAY down the beach…FANTASTIC!

Turks and caicos__2804 Turks and caicos__2805

Love the light, the colours, the expressions..Villa renaissance

Must have been one of my bad jokes 😉 How cool is this !Turks and caicos__2807 Turks and caicos__2808 Turks and caicos__2809 Turks and caicos__2810

First few steps..Villa renaissance Turks and caicos__2812

Playing “peek-a-boo” behind the camera!
Turks and caicos__2813 Turks and caicos__2814 Turks and caicos__2815 Turks and caicos__2816 Villa renaissance Turks and caicos__2818 Turks and caicos__2819 Turks and caicos__2820 Turks and caicos__2821

LOVE!Turks and caicos__2822 Turks and caicos__2823 Turks and caicos__2824