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Friends, friends and more friends

We’ve often helped large multigenerational families – groups of 18, 20 – even +30 that travel all together especially over the key holiday weekends. It’s unusual to help with families that are just friends – all of whom have kids of the same ages and simply get along so well. It’s a lot of fun though still a challenge  to shoot 4 separate families with 8 adults and 9 kids (including teenagers and a toddler) in our normal 60 minute photo shoot… things have to be more formal, more structured (less candid) so we can get all the different groups and combinations. Here we go…

Cannot get more formal than this..posed! But we got everyone;-) – then just the kids and that was so good I aded the grown ups back in and magic a more relaxed group shot of everyone!

nine quick portraits..

this was the furthest that she would allow her cell phone to get from her…arms length..

In between getting some of the individual families there are always candid moments going on behind you !

another nine!

finally with everything covered the girls jumped into the ocean…fun..