Fun senior pictures in turks and caicos.

We’ve had several requests recently for a few senior pictures whilst also helping with a family photo shoot. This makes perfect sense as the Turks and Caicos makes a stunning location for both and who wouldn’t want TCI as a backdrop to some really unique looking senior pictures?

Last week we helped Kate and Jay and their daughter Lora with her senior pictures and then we also did some family pictures with everyone including Eric. After a few at the lovely villa they were staying at , Villa Palermo, we jumped into our van and went off to some cool local spots we know and love. It was a lovely afternoon with blue skies and a really stunning sunset. We even had time to get a few outfits changes in! Go Real Madrid!

senior pictures turks and caicos__0903 turks and caicos__0904 turks and caicos__0905 turks and caicos__0906

Love this sequence – the light was just perfect…

turks and caicos__0907 turks and caicos__0908 turks and caicos__0909 turks and caicos__0910 turks and caicos__0911 turks and caicos__0912 turks and caicos__0913 turks and caicos__0914 turks and caicos__0915 turks and caicos__0916 turks and caicos__0917 turks and caicos__0918 turks and caicos__0919 turks and caicos__0920 turks and caicos__0921 turks and caicos__0922 turks and caicos__0923 turks and caicos__0924 turks and caicos__0925 turks and caicos__0926 turks and caicos__0927