Gabriella, Gilbert and Gianna

We’ve been really fortunate to help some amazing families this year and recently I had the awesome pleasure to help Anna capture some cute moments of her kids, Gabriella, Gilbert and Gianna. So with the local school mid term break as an opportunity to get all the kids in the same place at the same time (don;t kids have such busy schedules these days!!) we went for it !

As Anna and her family live in the Turks and Caicos we wanted to use  and  show off our favorite locations  -so off to the conch shak first!

Love these white walls..

It was a very windy day – so we used some cover to grab this quick group shot..

Mum jumped in for one 😉 lovely..

We found some awesome light and Gianna was a dream to work with……what a delight…

Even Gilbert was making it happen…

Of course older sister Gabriella was stunning! Love this color scheme  – it s really dark – slightly “grotty” room – but perfect for light!

As with ALL our photo shoots we take time to have fun – so at Sailing Paradise it was drinks and some cracked conch….we even had some extra “to go” – it was tasty!

A little later at the beach…wow…

and wow again !!!

Anna was totally prepared and the kids jumped into swim suits for some water fun..

A quick family shot…

before a final sunset and swimming !