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Cutie Grace at Point Grace Turks and Caicos

Point grace 0009

This little cutie Grace is spending her vacation with her parents at the gorgeous Point Grace Resort on Grace Bay Beach. That is a lot of grace in one place. I met this family at Point Grace and they wanted mostly pictures of little Grace. But as you know little ones make up their minds what they want to do and not want to do. At the start of the shoot Grace did not like to sit in the grass by herself or on the board walk but, was absolutely happy being held by mom or dad. At the end of the shoot she finally got tricked sitting on a Hobie cat while dad showed her a video of herself on his I phone. Maybe we can copy that idea, it sure worked.  Although mom sent me a couple of pictures of Grace the next day when she did wanted to sit everywhere. Maybe it was just my scary face. Have a look at this funny little face of Grace with a million different expressions….tooooo cute.



Point grace

Point Grace

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