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Hinchcliffes on the move in Turks and Caicos

My best shoots generally happen when my subjects are enjoying themselves. It’s then when people are comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes it’s as simple as reassuring people that we’re indeed going to have fun. With the Hinchcliffes however, no such reassurance was necessary. The Hinchcliffes are all about fun. It was a blast traveling around the island with them and observing their interaction with each other. Although split between Montreal, Indianapolis and Oxford, family is clearly a priority. Being far away from my own family, I can relate and appreciate how important capturing time together is.
Not being too familiar with the Indy Car circuit, I had no idea that James was a racer. Nor would I, had it not come up in conversation. The family were totally grounded about his achievement, James even seemed to avoid the subject when a clearly proud mother mentioned that he was on the cover of the winter edition of the Turks and Caicos magazine. The images may not be gracing the front of glossy magazines, but I trust they’re just as important and will be a constant reminder of their time on our lovely island.