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It’s Family time

A wedding, a baby, a birthday and everything in between… another wedding, another baby, another birthday and so much more to tell. Every time Darlene start chatting about family pictures, an exciting moment is coming up: this Christmas she rounded up the all family for a very special Holiday celebration – no one was missing.

Sure in half, coming back to the Turks and Caicos to see friends, family, sun and sea, it’s always a pleasure!

Did the time stopped?!? This first image has been taken just a few days ago, while the second one dates March 2009. Isabella looks so much like Grayson!

A pristine beach in the middle of the afternoon do not offer much shades, but if we all get together behind that big rock…

Sitting still for too long is not an option for the Twa/Husdon family!

Kent, Jeff, now it’s your turn to add on a little one to the family 🙂