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Kristi and Andrew’s family photography.

Turks and caicos 0860

One of the joys of living in Turks and Caicos is helping with family photography AND being able to do it with such amazing locations to use. We are spoilt for choice. Even “just a beach shoot” is on a worldclass beach that is rated in the top five worldwide!

We helped Kristi and Andrew with their wedding about 7 years ago now and since then they have popped back to Turks and Caicos for vacations and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting first Sadie (now almost 4) and for this trip the most recent addition Boden. It really is a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of people’s lives even for a brief couple of hours and to help them celebrate their families and time together.  For this year’s family photography shoot we decided to go away from the main resorts and get  little more “local” and mix up the locations. We also did a morning shoot which is often idea for little ones who are bright and cheery in the morning, but can be grumpy when you get close to sunset and “witching hour”.

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