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The Leavy Family – a cool beach baby!

Turks and caicos 4312

One of the delightful advantages of living in the Turks and Caicos Islands is that we have repeat visitors over the years and help families through many of life’s important moments. It was back in April 2011 when I photographed Kristen and Matt’s wedding on the  unique beach location of Taylor Bay which is probably not possible any longer. I remember the wedding well, the pictures with the haitian boat wreck (since gone) and the candy table at the reception in particular!Turks and caicos__4316

So fast forward four years and they are both back along with new grandparents Larry and Polly and the very cute Natalie ( 6 months).

Whilst we waited for everyone to finish getting ready we did a few right at the villa… then it was off to the same Taylor Bay for some low key family pictures and a lovely sunset. Natalie was lovely and smiled, sat, dug holes in the sand and kept everyone thoroughly entertained and busy!

Fantastic to be able to help document such important and special moments.

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