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The McDonald family at the Regent Grand.

Turks and caicos 0387

A couple of days ago we helped the McDonald family with a simple quick family photo shoot at the Regent Grand to celebrate a birthday. A couple of phone calls to set up everything and then a relaxed 45 minutes or so as we chatted and slowly made our way down to the beach. expectations of a photo shoot are often that it will be intense or almost “invasive’ in some way ! Whilst it’s never total comfort being in front of a camera we were able to put everyone at ease and make the whole experience. fun with some great smiles and moments from everyone. We know this family, like so many, fell in love with Turks and Caicos and we cannot wait to see them back again. maybe an underwater safari or trip to North Caicos is on the !! Regent grand Turks and caicos__0371 Turks and caicos__0372 Regent grand Turks and caicos__0374 Turks and caicos__0375 Regent grand Turks and caicos__0377 Turks and caicos__0378 Turks and caicos__0379 Regent grand Regent grand Turks and caicos__0382 Regent grand Turks and caicos__0384 Turks and caicos__0385 Turks and caicos__0386 Turks and caicos__0387 Turks and caicos__0388