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The Miller Family at Windsong

Isn’t it great when you are 5 years old, you go on vacation, you have a pool, a big sea, your parents to play with, but also your grandma? That is what Myron had on this vacation and he had a ball. We did a family shoot with them at the beautiful Windsong resort, right on Grace Bay Beach and steps away from a gorgeous snorkel site that almost starts right of the beach. Actually Myron knows a lot about fish already, in the lobby of the Windsong he could identify many of them by name. This little man loves to play on the beach, he told me many times to go to the beach 🙂 We looked for shells and at the end we all went into the water. Thank you guys so much for this fun shoot, love the playfulness!


A shell phonewindsongfamilyphotography_0002 windsongfamilyphotography_0003

Okay, who’s idea was this?…..grandma!!windsongfamilyphotography_0004 windsongfamilyphotography_0005 windsongfamilyphotography_0006 windsongfamilyphotography_0007

So who is in charge of this family then?windsongfamilyphotography_0008 windsongfamilyphotography_0009 windsongfamilyphotography_0010 windsongfamilyphotography_0011 windsongfamilyphotography_0012 windsongfamilyphotography_0013 windsongfamilyphotography_0014 windsongfamilyphotography_0015 windsongfamilyphotography_0016 windsongfamilyphotography_0017 windsongfamilyphotography_0018 windsongfamilyphotography_0019 windsongfamilyphotography_0020 windsongfamilyphotography_0021 windsongfamilyphotography_0022 windsongfamilyphotography_0023 windsongfamilyphotography_0024 windsongfamilyphotography_0025 windsongfamilyphotography_0026 windsongfamilyphotography_0027 windsongfamilyphotography_0028 windsongfamilyphotography_0029 windsongfamilyphotography_0030