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Mullins family photos and vow renewal

Turks and caicos 3623

With 17 family members helping to celebrate Lora and Mike’s wedding vow renewal this was always going to be a fun packed photo shoot. The renewal was actually at the Beaches resort in the AM, so with their rules we could not cover the actual event. However we arranged to collect the whole tribe 😉 with both David and myself driving vehicles. We soon had everyone at the lovely Royal West Indies resort for a few garden shots, with both of us helping out. With five individual families there was certainly plenty to do ! Everyone was fantastic and not shy. We did all manner of combinations, individuals and some candid moments of course as well. With sunset fast approaching it was soon time to head off to the beach where the fun continued until the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. Of course with little ones around they can “steal the show”. Do check out the height that Nate (1), gets and also his awesome expressions when sitting in the sand alone…A vows renewal ceremony is a wonderful moment and having so many close family surrounding them and able to join them on this trip to Turks and Caicos is really amazing.

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