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Rhyan, Kanzy & Mark

What a gorgeous family! I have no other words to define Rhyan, Kanzy and Mark. They moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands a few years ago and chose to settle in “paradise” (at least for a while).

Getting to know the couple or the family that we photograph it’s very important: the relationship is more personal and it reflects on the images – in this case I was lucky: we spend several Sundays and even Christmas Eve together 🙂

Rhyan was a little sick and not really in the mood for playing… but we managed to get some great expressions from him

Besides being an extremely beautiful woman, Kanzy has real model talent

Let me climb on the tree and I’ll be happy!

One of my favorite shot of the day

It’s finally time to run on the beach – check out Rhyan’s concentration!

While the little one was busy playing “captain of the hobie cat”, I took some romantic photos of Kanzy and Mark

She is not the only gorgeous person of the family, right ladies?!?

I LOVE this one too!