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School Pictures

Turks and caicos 1335

Every year for the last ten years we’ve helped Provo Primary in Turks and Caicos with their annual school pictures. As the local economy has grown, dipped and come back to life so have the number of children in the school. This year it’s a “bumper year” with around 150 students from “Toddlers” to Grade 6.

School pictures are a challenge. It’s the exact opposite of what we like to do which is to create the most natural relaxed environment (aka the beach) and have fun with our families and little ones as they enjoy themselves. Candid, natural moments are “our thing”….putting a 2,3 or even 11 year old on a seat with his/her classmates a few feet away and pointing a camera at them and hoping to get that “magical moment and expression” in the 30-40 seconds you have available per child is …well you’d probably have better like at Casablanca Casino. But every year we keep coming back and despite all the odds stacked against ,its the kids themselves that come through and “perform on cue”. Add in some amazing help from class teachers and this year the mums taking over the year book, it was in fact a blast !

Provo primary Provo primary Turks and caicos__1328 Turks and caicos__1329 Turks and caicos__1330


Yes I will do anything to get the shot….

Turks and caicos__1331 Turks and caicos__1332 Turks and caicos__1333 Turks and caicos__1334


Turks and caicos__1335 School pictures Provo primary

The day before we also visited the TCI Middle School. A lot less kids, but now we have those “difficult years “….;-)

Provo primary School pictures Provo primary Provo primary Provo primary Provo primary School pictures