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Simply wonderful to see the Feit family again in turks and caicos.

turks and caicos

As soon as I saw the Feit family walking into the lobby of the Regent Grand is was as if time had stood still. Well apart from the fact that there was an additional to the family !! After a few minutes catching up with Jonathan and Beth we started having some fun creating some relaxed family pictures.  Joshua, 3 was a little cautious at first, having just woken up and a recent rain storm made things a little wet here and there. 

Love how expressions can change in a heartbeat….

So Joshua was getting used to the sand and as every parent knows “change” and “new” and 3 year olds don;t always mix well…so I suggested we let him stand in the sand and we walk three steps away and see if he would follow…maybe he would forget the sand as he wanted to run to mum and dad?? Guess what? Big no!!!!!!  😉

But it was all ok, because 65 seconds later we got this !!!!!!!

A lot of our shoots have “made up” moments as we don;t want to leave everything to chance, but we always grab more candid moments too!

They were still “positioned” from the last shots, but had relaxed and no idea I was taking their picture!


ha ha – “fierce” look 😉