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So much beach time fun at Grace Bay Club, Turks and Caicos

It all started with an iphone picture of Peggy and her daughter Penelope walking towards the blue ocean. It captured Peggy’s imagination and 24 hours later we were helping her capture some really lovely family moments on the beach right on front of Grace Bay Club. It can take a little time for kids to warm up to a new person, let alone one with a big camera pointing at them – but that’s where our team (as parents ourselves) know all the tricks and it was so great to see Penelope running, jumping and having such a great time. Posed pictures with a two year old? Sure we got them…they just don’t look set up or posed 😉  lovely family, lovely evening – pure Turks and Caicos family fun.

Right outside the room – within two minutes – love it..

Then we started to have some fun 😉

Penelope wanted to be down and check things out I got down and lay down in the grass too !!!

Other guests going to dinner thought I was slightly crazy no doubt !

Really like this one on the left…

Game of “peak a boo” !!

As soon as we hit the beach Penelope just wanted to run and have fun!

LOVE the hair !