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Thankful for big families, Somerset Resort

Turks and caicos 4258

With the Thanksgiving holiday last week we had several lovely families come down to Turks and Caicos in “multigenerational” or big family groups. I don’t particularly like the term “multigenerational”. Sounds too much like “marketing speak”,  to me it’s just a lovely big, regular family. Tim and Paulette were celebrating a wedding anniversary and surrounded by grownup kids and grandkids it was important to capture this special moment. But how do you get pictures of ten people in just under an hour? Also none of the pictures below have had any “photoshop work” done on them…zero…

A few pictures in the garden area of the resort is always a great idea as its less windy, better for hair and the beach can still be bright even when we are close to sunset. The big group picture of everyone is always a high priority and important picture. Not always easy to setup and arrange.

Turks and caicos__4243


I always like to start off with the “guys” as they are often the most reticent and getting them involved early helps everyone get into the flow. Adding in wives and girlfriends, kids later then puts the guys further at ease….”win win” !Turks and caicos__4244 Turks and caicos__4245

Of course I am always looking out for moments like this. The kids having seen the grownups getting all the attention are by now quite keen to have pictures themselves…

I try to pose as little as possible. I already selected the best location, background and lighting…so let them play !

Turks and caicos__4246 Turks and caicos__4247 Turks and caicos__4248 Turks and caicos__4249 Turks and caicos__4250 Turks and caicos__4251

This was a group that mum and dad wanted, so even though we’d done quite a few combinations already and it was time to move to the beach, I set it up quickly and got it done. After all it’s their pictures !!My favorite phrase is “Yes let’s do it!”Turks and caicos__4252

Time for more fun on the beach and always mixing up groups with lighter more candid moments. Such great kids ! Everyone was having such fun…Awesome.Turks and caicos__4253 Turks and caicos__4254 Thankful for big families, somerset resort Turks and caicos__4256 Thankful for big families, somerset resort Turks and caicos__4258 Turks and caicos__4259 Thankful for big families, somerset resort Turks and caicos__4261 Turks and caicos__4262 Thankful for big families, somerset resort

Huge thank you to Tim and Paulette for coming down to Turks and Caicos and having fun with us all. Thankful for big families at the Somerset Resort!