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The Stropki Family at Ocean Club Resorts.

Turks and caicos 2967

Well the fourth of July is right around the corner and family summer vacations are now in full swing. The Stropki Family at Ocean Club Resorts was a lovely family photoshoot made even more special in that we did a shoot for them back in 2004  (WOW!) This is also known as “BK”…before kids…a period of time most parents with young children have a hard time remembering. What did I do with all that time “BK”. Catching up with everyone was fun, as well as meeting all the new additions to the family. Really lovely grandkids. So we captured all the various combinations so important to everyone, with individual families, kids alone, grown up kids and of course the grandparents with the grandkids. Whilst making sure we had all those combo’s taken care of we also threw in loads of more playful, fun, candid shots with the kids. Hey even some of the grownups jumped in on a few !! What a great evening.


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