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The Trice Family at Ocean Club Resorts

Turks and caicos 1848

Within 3 or 4 minutes the kids were laughing and playing, completely oblivious to me and the camera. Having my own (slightly older) girls certainly helps, but with such great kids to play with and parents and grandparents we all had a very relaxed time at Ocean Club Resorts capturing some fun family time on the beach.

I’m not sure now if these pictures came first or the black and white below? I know it was in the first few minutes of the shoot and already everyone was cracking up and laughing. Certainly made getting the “required” family group a whole lot easier. I wonder which one mum will like more? Both probably 😉

Turks and caicos__1847 Turks and caicos__1848 Turks and caicos__1849 Turks and caicos__1850 Turks and caicos__1851 Turks and caicos__1852 Turks and caicos__1853 Turks and caicos__1854

After a few in the resort area we headed to the beach. That doesn’t mean I stop shooting….

Turks and caicos__1855 Turks and caicos__1856 Turks and caicos__1857 Turks and caicos__1858 Turks and caicos__1859 Turks and caicos__1860 Ocean club resorts Turks and caicos__1862 Turks and caicos__1863 Turks and caicos__1864 Turks and caicos__1865 Turks and caicos__1866 Turks and caicos__1867 Turks and caicos__1868 Ocean club resorts Turks and caicos__1870