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There is no 2 without 3… and maybe 4 and 5 too

A pregnancy shoot, a baby session, an 8 months one and now a 2 years portrait: that’s the way to document your child life! With both set of grandparents and the upcoming Holidays, Erica and Pierre chose to get together and record another memorable moment of Sylvie’s life in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

To make sure the little one would felt at ease and comfortable, we photographed the all family (dogs included) in the “garden area” of their house – with a full golf course for us, there was no lack of space.

A big girl personality in the making

This one is not the best picture but I HAD to post it for everyone that knows me and my passion for shoes: Sylvie saw them in the corner and in no time they wear at her feet. It’s a sign Erica…

It took a few tricks and a lot of silly faces, running time and sweet games, but we did it: the full family and a couple of shots with the grandparents

We couldn’t forget those two cute dogs…

Grandparents, really?!? They look so young to be called so!

A little treat works wonder after a ant’s bite and a few tears