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They’re Expecting!

Justina, Nick and their three year old daughter Ila came into the studio to speak with me about doing a maternity / family session during their holiday on the island. Justina liked the idea of styling the shoot a little and mentioned that she is a Pinterest addict a bit like I am! I brought them around to my desk to show them my real life inspiration Pin Boards and on it I had a few maternity sessions and a lot of family portraits. We looked through the tear sheets and Justina went away with some ideas for what to shop for. She came across a lovely turquoise floppy beach hat and teamed it with a white cotton sun dress, perfect for the beach. I just love Ila’s bright and colorful outfit too. Nick teamed a pair of sandy coloured linen trousers with a button up cotton shirt which finished off the look perfectly.

Ila is a gorgeous little girl, full of confidence and really has a mind of her own! Very cute indeed.