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Three photos shoots- one family – part one.

Turks and caicos 14651

Family photo shoots are a big part of what we do. The relaxed vibe of Turks and Caicos and of course its gorgeous beach and water are the perfect backdrop for “family downtime” and reconnecting. We often get asked to help with “multigenerational families” – two and three generations all together. When we get bigger groups of 20+ it’s often a challenge to capture all the fun in one go – so with Bethany and her extended family rather than forcing everyone to dress up in “white and khaki” we did three shoots at various times during their stay in Turks and Caicos.

Bethany and Mark are also special to us because we I did their wedding back in 2004. They have been coming back to stay at Le Vele most years and each year have one or other family members come along too. This year they brought the whole gang !

So the first shoot was a couple of hours on a boat trip with Caicos Dream Tours. We love these shoots as they take us back to our underwater roots that first brought us to the Turks and Caicos. Plus its hard not to relax and be “castaway” from regular life when you are on a boat!

Turks and caicos__1447 Turks and caicos__1448

Turks and caicos__1449 Turks and caicos__1450

Turks and caicos__1451 Turks and caicos__1452Turks and caicos__1453 Turks and caicos__1454 Turks and caicos__1455 Turks and caicos__1456

Family photo shoot Turks and caicos__1459 Turks and caicos__1460 Turks and caicos__1461

Family photo shoot Turks and caicos__1463 Turks and caicos__1464 Family photo shootTurks and caicos__1466

Turks and caicos__1512Turks and caicos__1513 Turks and caicos__1514

Sadly I could not stay with them all day…so after a couple of hours of fun they dropped me off and continued on for more adventures.
Family photo shoot


I later on saw them near the beach when I was doing the second shoot of the day….Turks and caicos__1469