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Three photos shoots- one family – part two.

Turks and caicos 1517

So following on from the last blog post – with the super fun boat trip, snorkelling for conch, shipwrecks and underwater pictures – later that day its was “part two and three” of our extended family photo shoot. With some family members not on the boat trip, I did a lovely sunset photo shoot with Grace and Mark and their kids and then a “babymoon” shoot to celebrate a new baby on the way for  Cormac & Stephanie Grace’s brother and sister-in-law.

The always lovely Le Vele resort.Turks and caicos__1470Turks and caicos__1471

I love those moments even before we start the shoot…just hanging out whilst the rest of the family is getting ready 😉Turks and caicos__1472Turks and caicos__1473 Turks and caicos__1475 Turks and caicos__1476 Turks and caicos__1478

Turks and caicos__1479 Turks and caicos__1480 Sunset family pictures Turks and caicos__1482

Race you to the beach !Turks and caicos__1483 Sunset family pictures Turks and caicos__1485

Dad time..Turks and caicos__1486Turks and caicos__1487

The kids seemed unimpressed by me dumping a pile of sand on my head…Turks and caicos__1488

The rest of the family coming back from their all day boat trip..Turks and caicos__1489 Turks and caicos__1490

LOVE these ones..

Turks and caicos__1517 Turks and caicos__1516 Sunset family pictures

Turks and caicos__1491 Turks and caicos__1492 Turks and caicos__1493Sunset family pictures Turks and caicos__1495


Whilst Mark, Grace and the kids played I spent a few minutes with Cormac & Stephanie  – Grace’s brother and sister-in-law to help them celebrate a new addition on the way.

In fact the bigger surprise they have TWO on the way !!!!!!  Turks and caicos__1496 Turks and caicos__1497 Turks and caicos__1500Turks and caicos__1501 Turks and caicos__1502 Turks and caicos__1503Turks and caicos__1504 Turks and caicos__1505 Turks and caicos__1506 Turks and caicos__1507 Turks and caicos__1508