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Turks and Caicos Islands, Aquamarine House, What a lovely family group!

With four kids under the age of 4, grow up kids, grandma, a busy diving schedule, dinner to be made, sunset disappearing behind the clouds and a windy beach it was business as usual for Turks and Caicos.

Life is like that, who has four hours to primp and prep for a shoot (like a model?) – so we set a date with Susan and her clan and wow what a great bunch of people and the kids were amazing…


The villa has a wonderful upstairs balcony which gives a great space below with directional light. It’s also a perfect spot to get out of the still bright sun and much less windy than the beach.

Love the change of expression here, innocent to “evil plan”?? or am I seeing things?? 😉

Whilst getting the four grand kids and grandma, behind me were all the adults making noises and jumping!!!


Lovely moment.

parents often worry about kids smiling, hair being perfect, kids being good….but I love this..