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Turks and Caicos Islands, Brenda, Neil and Darby’s beach adventure

Brenda and Neil wanted to have some great photographs from their trip to Turks and Caicos. With 3 year old Darby growing up so fast, time flies by and they wanted to make sure to capture some great, fun filled moments with everyone in Turks and Caicos. As the Brenda and Neil were staying at Beaches Resort, we collected them and popped over to the very lovely Villa Rennaisance (thank you guys!) to use there garden area.

Then we hopped back into our van and visited the beach at leeward. It was great – really just the four of us all alone !

Being three Darby decided that she would sing to the ocean….and sing…and sing….and sing….;-)

Some final few moments with a lovely Turks and Caicos sunset.