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Turks and Caicos Islands, Island Escape with the Malatesta Family

Susan is a photographer, but faces the problem that she wants to be in the pictures as well as take them. Sadly the laws of physics prevent this 😉 The family had a vacation coming up to Turks and Caicos, so who to call to help? “Ghostbusters”…errr no brilliant !! Its tough to let go and let other do what you do, but  we were able to help Susan and make her feel comfortable with letting us take pictures of her and her family! With grown kids it was all about keeping things casual and fun.

Dad (aka Frank) looking very relaxed.

Peter here I think looks like “pitbull”?? Ok maybe it was just the shades…

A little photoshop to change hair color? Two viewpoints just changes the lighting enough…

Meanwhile Peter and Frank were messing around…gotcha 😉

Then we jumped into our van for a quick stop towards Bluehills and away from the resorts..

OK a little “cheesy” but still fun..

I really like this family group picture..never used this particular spot before..just seemed to work…feels like its an ad for a new HBO show??

Then to Sapodilla bay where it was just us…