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Turks and Caicos Islands, The Sands Resort, Too cute for words !

Amidst the furious wedding season that is upon us I was delighted to help Jo and Natalie and three year old Rebecca with a quick early morning family photo shoot on the huge beach right in front of the Sands Resort. Rebecca was a true “star” and was simply having a wonderful time playing with mum and dad as we worked our way through the lush tropical gardens and down to the beach. The early start meant that the beach was virtually all our own as we ran, jumped and played in the sand. What a great way to start the morning off !

As regular readers will know –  – I like to start off with dad 😉

but it wasn’t long before Rebecca wanted in on the action…

The Sands has some great hammocks that we took advantage of…

Even the short beach access path was a “photo opportunity”!

A world class beach all for us ! 😉

This isn’t a photo shoot…it’s FUN !

Hanging with dad….

When you can count your birthdays on one hand, they are very important…later on..less so !!

Running to catchup with mom and dad and finally pulling a face for her teachers back home 😉