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Turks and Caicos Islands, The Tuscany, Rae Family


A couple of years have passed since we last helped Heidi and Gary with some pictures on the beach.  The kids are now a little older (4 and 6) so a quick morning shoot at their lovely Tuscany Resort and the grace bay beach in front was simple, easy and fun. Really great kids – they even laughed at my jokes !! What’s big and red and eats rocks?

Some on and off rain kept the beach empty – great for us !!

Our shoots are NEVER all about posing and sitting still – I mean with young kids on a beach they just want to have fun !

Even mum and dad were impressed by Arewyn’s cartwheels!! cool job !

Love my dad!

Kids will be kids and whilst playing water got all over Ashton’s shirt, so while mum popped back to the condo to get a new shirt, we used the moment for some fun!

I played with some of the pictures a little more – like these more? less? Same??