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Turks and Caicos Islands, Veranda Resort, The Sandhu Family – part one !

Along with weddings this is also a great time for families to visit Turks and Caicos and one of the most popular resorts is the Veranda as it’s one of the few “all-inclusive” resorts in TCI. It’s also fabulous as a photo shoot location as its buildings are low rise, have lots of little pathways and private pools. With a one year that had just woken up and was teething and a two year old who wanted to go and play with his cousins down the beach we had our work cut out. Add on that some rather “so-so” grey weather, gusting wind…it wasn’t the usual “tropical family shoot on the beach”…but with lots of great help from Rosy and Kam – we managed to get some great moments..

The Grandparents were hanging out as well…so why not !

With Rosy’s sister also have a family shoot further along the beach – we all joined together for one multi-generational big family picture..

All smiles now !!

Sarvin makes a break for it!! but mum catches up with him !

After a snack break, the smiles started to “pop” out a little – just in time for sunset !